Submissions and Documents

VICSERV regularly develops and contributes to submissions and other influencing documents in response to reviews and inquiries from government and other bodies.

In developing these, VICSERV is guided by its Policy Development Consultation Framework.

The framework outlines the steps we take to respond to and influence key policy areas of the community mental health sector, including detail on the Policy Advisory Group we formed to assist us in formulating responses to key policy issues for the sector.

For more information about VICSERV's policy and advocacy agenda please contact our Policy and Communications Manager, Debra Parnell on (03) 9519 7000.


NDIS Amendment (Quality and Safeguards Commission and Other Measures) Bill 2017 - VICSERV submission - NDIS

NDIS Amendment (Quality and Safeguards Commission and Other Measures) Bill 2017 - CMHA submission - NDIS

Productivity Commission - NDIS costs - Position Paper - VICSERV submission - NDIS

NDIS Code of Conduct Discussion Paper - VICSERV submission

2017/18 Federal Budget - CMHA analysis

2017/18 Federal Budget - VICSERV statement

Australian National Audit Office - Decision-making controls for sustainability - NDIS access - VICSERV submission NDIS

2017/18 Victorian State Budget - VICSERV analysis

National Disability Strategy 2010-2020 - VICSERV Submission

NDIS Price Review 2017 - VICSERV key points - NDIS

Productivity Commission Inquiry into NDIS costs - VICSERV Submission - NDIS

Productivity Commission Inquiry into NDIS costs - CMHA Submission - NDIS

Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS for people with psychosocial disabilities related to a mental health condition - VICSERV Submission - NDIS

Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS for people with psychosocial disabilities related to a mental health condition - CMHA Submission - NDIS

Productivity Commission Identifying Sectors for Reform - CMHA Submission


Fifth National Mental Health Plan - VICSERV submission

Fifth National Mental Health Plan - CMHA submission

2017/18 State Budget - VICSERV submission

Victorian State Disability Plan 2017-2020 - VICSERV submission

Productivity Commission Issues Paper - Inquiry into Competition and Informed User Choice Human Services - CMHA submission

MHA letter to COAG on NDIS Review - signatory to MHA letter - NDIS

2016/17 Federal Budget - VICSERV analysis

2016/17 Victorian State Budget - VICSERV analysis


10-year plan for mental health - VICSERV submission

Review of MHCSS - VICSERV consultation

Learn and Build in Barwon - VICSERV report - NDIS

2015/16 Federal Budget - VICSERV analysis

2015/16 Victorian State Budget - VICSERV analysis

National Quality and Safeguarding Framework - VICSERV submission - NDIS

Reportable Deaths - VICSERV issues paper


State Election Statement 2014 - VICSERV statement

Submission to the Community Sector Reform Council - VICSERV submission

Community Sector Reform Council - joint submission - VICSERV, VAADA, CHP and VCOSS

Response to Victoria's priorities for mental health reform 2013-15 - VICSERV submission


2014/15 State Budget Submission - VICSERV submission

National Disability Insurance Scheme Bill 2012 (Exposure Draft) - VICSERV submission - NDIS

NDIS Regulation Impact Statement - VICSERV submission NDIS


PDRSS Reform Framework – Consultation Paper - VICSERV submission

National Primary Healthcare Strategic Framework (Consultation Draft) - VICSERV submission

NDIS Eligibility, Reasonable & Necessary Supports - VICSERV submission - NDIS


Budget Priority Statement 2011 - 2012 - VICSERV statement

Flexible Care Packages for People with Severe Mental Illness - Discussion Paper  - VICSERV response

Productivity Commission Inquiry into Disability Care and Support (Draft Report) - VICSERV submission

Whole of Government Alcohol and Drug Strategy - Community Consultation - VICSERV submission

Review of the National Mental Health Statement of Rights and Responsibilities - VICSERV submission


Inquiry into the adequacy and future directions of public housing in Victoria - VICSERV submission

Improving Public Housing Responses Strategic Project – New segmented waiting list proposal - VICSERV submission

Review of Mental Health Act 1986 - VICSERV submission

Victorian Law Reform Commission review of Guardianship - VICSERV submission

Daily Bread and Living with Mental Illness - VICSERV submission

Exposure Draft Mental Health Bill 2010 - VICSERV submission 

Medicare Locals VICSERV submission