About Us

VICSERV is a membership-based organisation and the peak body representing community managed mental health services in Victoria. 

OUR vision

A society where everyone has access to high quality mental health treatment, rehabilitation and disability support when they need it.


We support community mental health service providers in Victoria by building their capacity to ensure respect, opportunity and recovery for people affected by mental illness.  We collaborate with our members and partner with government and others to influence consumer-controlled mental health policy and practice in Victoria.

Our Values 

We are a rights-based social justice organisation.  We are passionate about collaboration, inclusiveness, flexibility, courage and integrity and these values inform everything that we do.


Working together to achieve shared objectives

Respecting the knowledge and skills of others

Putting the needs of the organisation above individual interests 


Listening to a range of views

Representing and embracing the diversity of the sector

Honouring the consumer and carer experience 


Proactively embracing change and new opportunities

Stepping up and out from our roles and perspectives when required 


Taking leadership by speaking up on important issues

Encouraging and supporting innovation

Persistence in the face of obstacles and delays 


Doing what we say we will do on time and to the best of our ability

Listening and responding to members

Having a respected voice and visibility in the sector, broader system and in government

Being an honest broker of information and resources