News & Publications

At VICSERV we produce a number of communication materials to keep readers informed about developments and opportunities in the mental health sector.

You can SUBSCRIBE to any one of the following materials:

  • FACTSLINE: Factsline is a fortnightly e-newsletter designed to keep you up to date on all issues related to PDRS and the community managed mental health sector

      You can access our latest and past editions of Factsline here 

  • NDIS BULLETIN: Our fortnightly NDIS bulletin is aimed at ensuring VICSERV members, and other community mental health stakeholders, are informed about, and connected to, developments in the implementation period of the National Disability Insurance Scheme

      To see our most recent and previous editions click here

  • TRAINING BULLETIN:  VICSERV’sfortnightly training bulletin details upcoming training opportunities by VICSERV and in the sector, as well as training news, events and conferences

     To view the most recent and previous edition of the training bulletin click here

  • NEW PARADIGM: newparadigm is the Australian Journal on Psychosocial Rehabilitation, published three times a year by VICSERV

      To view the most recent edition You can access recent and archived editions from here