Project 1

Frontline Ice Training In Community Managed Mental Health Services

The Frontline Ice Training in community managed mental health services project was funded as part of the Victorian Government’s Ice Action Plan, with the aim of exploring ways to support community managed mental health services with the implementation of the Victorian Government’s online Ice Training Package.


Project 2

Community Managed Mental Health (CMMH) Leadership And Managment Program

The CMMH Leadership & Management Program aims to strengthen and develop effective, adaptive, resilient leaders. These leaders will be equipped to respond to, prepare for, and lead through the challenges and opportunities of current and future reforms.


Project 3

Organisational Capability Framework Project for Mental Health Community Support Services

DHHS provided project funding to support Psychiatric Disability Services of Victoria (VICSERV) to implement the draft Capability Framework in partnership with its member organisations. VICSERV conducted a base-line survey to assess the capabilities of representative member organisations before full implementation of the capabilities across MHCSS.